Intuition - Learning to feel

There is a voice inside that doesn't speak. It just feels. Too often it is ignored because we are unaware of our ability to accept it, work with it or manage it.

It is not always the feeling something is not going right, or that something bad is going to happen. In fact, you can learn to use that inner voice to channel your energies into how you want your body physically and mentally responding to our outside world. This is something I am by no means am a master at, it is something; however, that I am working on, daily.

What I have learned is how to recognize it. How to practice a moment in the day where I listen to my inner self. I am unsure that one can really set a single moment in the day for it, because sometimes I am able to channel my thoughts better in the morning and sometimes I like to sit in silence and listen in the middle of the night. I think it's in the way we need to listen to ourselves, by listening to how it feels.

It is in the way we practice. It's not something we pick up over night. Intuition is something at our core, and it takes time to find it and learn how to use it. To listen to our intuition we must first practice learning how our bodies feel.

I practice meditation. That helps me learn how to listen to what I am feeling.

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