Exhīlaration - Coffee Sugar Scrub
  • Exhīlaration - Coffee Sugar Scrub


    For your face, your booty and your boobies.


    Most conventional diets want us away from sugars and caffeine, but did you know that our skin craves the opposite? Our Exhīlaration Sugar Scrub recipe is made with three raw and organic sugars hand tossed in fresh ground cinnamon, nutmeg and ground coffee beans to awaken, tighten and brighten the skin tone and elasticity. Brown sugar contains glycolic acid, which fights bacteria while the larger, more gentle raw sugar crystals remove dead skin cells as you exfoliate.


    Our blend is handcrafted to work together to create a soft, firm glow for your face and body. This is noticed as soon as the sugars are rinsed off. Notes of caffeine & helichrysum help increase circulation and bloodflow to help the body release toxins and fats held in the suface beneath; while the sugars in this scrub safely remove dirt and promote a soft texture. 


    Our homemade recipe is created as a natural alternative to reduce blood pressure and inflammation. Stimulating the cardiovascular system and creating a healthy skin cell environment to moderate hormone imabalance. Using this scrub in your morning routine is an effective way to start a "wake-up," as it will give you a light boost of energy needed to start in a great mood and be ready for the day. 


    Using this scrub in a soft, circular pattern in the mornings helps eliminate acne, scars and fades dark age spots. Using this routine two or three times a week will allow you to see a major difference as the skin detoxifies and the complexion is more clear.


    It has been known to help with:

    * Fading sun damage and dark spots.

    * Removing fine lines & smoothing the skin tone.

    * Fades stretch marks and blends in scars.

    * Fighting depression and helps perk you up as an aphrodisiac. 


    Use this sugar scrub on your face for a quick wake-me-up or in the shower on your whole body. Focus on your thighs and cheeks, you will love it! This scrub can also be left on the skin for a little while and used as a clarifying skin mask prior to rinsing away. Do not use soap after using this scrub as it takes off the healing properties of the oils to be sealed into your skin's barrier. 


    Safe to eat while scrubbing your lips. Yes, it is yummy. 



    • Healing Steps

      ♥ Use a small amount. A little bit goes a long way! 

      ♥ Scoop a small amount of sugar into the palm on your hand. 

      ♥ Using lukewarm water, gently caress the desired area in a circular motion.

      ♥ You may leave it on for a few min as a mask.

      ♥ Rinse off and pat dry skin. No moisturizer needed. 

      ♥ Best if used in the mornings. A couple times a week is recommended for continued exfoliation & tightening of the skin.



    • Nut Allergy!

      Our recipe is made with almond, castor, and coconut oils. Please let us know if you have any nut allergies. 

      This recipe also contains cinnamon and nutmeg. 

    • Made Fresh

      Our sugar scrubs are made with fresh and raw sugars. The sugars are blended to help naturally exfoliate, clean and moisturize skin tone.

      Due to the organic state of our sugar scrubs, it is necessary to keep the sugar scrub jar closed and free of moisture. Store in a cool dark space.

      Use the scoop provided, a spoon or even your fingers to scoop out sugar. DO NOT GET WATER in the jar as it will create bacteria to grow. This product is a 100% organic and without preservatives.

      Shelf life on this product is up to 18 months when stored properly.