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  • Sërenity - Lavender Bath Salts

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    Slip into your dreams with Sërenity Lavender Bath Salts. 


    Combined are the healing Dead Sea, Epsom and Himalyan Salts dipped in homemade magnesium oil. Oregano and rosemary are an antiseptic soothing duo while calendula, lemon and eucalyptus help open up the airways and cleanse the spirit, providing calming aromas and relief of insomnia.  


    This blend is so gentle, babies love it too. The salts provide internal nourishment during growing/teething stages while the lavender and chamomile properties improve sleep and regulate breathing. 


    Our Sërenity Bath Salts work to calm the nervous system through regulated blood flow using chamomile and magnesium, while lavender works to calm the mind. This melody helps your body recharge and find peace. 


    There are fresh calming petals and plant parts in our recipe, use a muslin bag to prevent a mess, but it all washes downt the drain and flows back to Earth in a safe, healthy way that helps our planet.


    This recipe has been used for:

    * Cranky-ness

    * Lack of sleep

    * Sore muscles

    * Fatigue

    * Cramps

    * Headaches

    * Relaxation 

    * Pedicures 




    • Healing Steps

      ♥  Run a warm bath or fill small tub to fit soaking your feet

      ♥  Hop in and scoop out desired amount

      ♥  Use some to exfoliate your heels, aching knees and elbows

      ♥  Play with it between your toes, wiggle back and fourth

      ♥ Let the rest dissolve in the tub while you take sometime for you

      ♥ The next 20 minutes are to be used to love on yourself and relax  

      ♥  RInse off, no soap needed - the oils are there to provide nourishment!! 

      ♥  Pat dry skin

    • Made Fresh

      This is a made fresh item. Store in cool, dark spaces. Do not stick dirty fingers in the jar. Keep it sealed, and DO NOT GET WATER INSIDE.

      Comes with a wooden spoon.

      * Love to try another one while you make your purchase? ask us for a free combo sample!