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    You haven't had a lipbôm like ours. Yum!

    This recipe has been slowly hand-crafted over the past seven years until we felt satisfied that it would meet your lip-care desires. We start with a base of raw beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter. The butters are to provide the skin with nourishment and protection against harsh wind, toxic dirt and chemicals in the air. Our oil blend includes avocado, almond, coconut and castor oils. We also include evening primrose oil, and non GMO Vitamin E.

    This recipe blend is made to help provide relief of dry, chapped, cracked lip ailments. It has been known to help with cold sores, cuts and helps to restore the skin's protective barrier. The consistensy is made up of a balanced ratio of raw butters and oils to allow for easy absorbtion without leaving a waxy residue.

    The essential oils in the recipe act as antioxidants to balance out the hydration in the lips. Our lip balms are only naturally scented using these pure, plant essential oils. They are not sweetened nor flavored with synthetic flavoring. Peppermint is included to naturally have a minty, yummy feeling and taste to your lips and tongue, but also provides for a soothing cool feeling to those with burning, chapped lips.

    Go ahead. Try it. Your lips will love you.

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    • Can be Custom Made!

      If you are allergic to anything, please be sure to send me a message about it so that I may alter the blend to your specific needs.

    • Made Fresh

      Due to the organic state of ingredients in this lip balm,


      * Do not leave in the car during summer months, it will melt. 

      * Do not leave anywhere in hot temperatures, it will melt.

      Please note temperature changes may result in butter & aloe spheres on the top layer of the LipBÔM, those melt on skin contact.