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  • Virtüe - Aching Tonic Butter


    For the throbbing, aching, dull, sharp, or miserable muscle and neuropathic pain. Our Virtüe Blend is handcrafted and known by its' users to be a natural, organic homeopathic remedy solution to reduce inflammation and nerve spasms. 


    The herbs and oils blended in Virtüe include oregano, pink pepper, blue tansy & thyme. This core group is powerful together, aiming to reduce swelling and sharp pain associated with arthritis and nerve-related ailments by working to increase healthy blood circulation and regeneration. 

    The recipe in this blend is made with ancient traditional plant medicine, including holy basil, yarrow to restore muscle tension and prevent damage to injured tendons.


    Virtüe Aching Tonic Butter contains nutrients to aleviate poor circulation by increasing blood flow using chamomile, camphor and copaiba. This blend has a strong antioxidant, antimicrobal boost by using the family of oregano, holy basil and marjoram to prevent and cleanse our blood cells from toxins. Handmade, our recipe is carefully selected and studied over the years to combine the right ratio of plant sources, containing deep roots in pain relief dating back to the beginning of time. The blend has been used as a plant based option for back pain, neck tingling and headaches from excessive muscular tension in the neck and from strenuous activity. 


    Virtüe is a body butter thick in consistency and rich with essential organic compounds. A little bit will go a long way. It is perfect for those who suffer from standing or sitting in the same position for long periods of time and for those struggling with stress-induced physical fatigue and tightness. 


    Virtüe has been used for:

    * RH, Osteoarthritis

    * Neck pain

    * Fibromyalgia pain in feet

    * Muscle spasms 

    * Shoulders and knees

    * General sore muscles and pains



    • Healing Steps

      ♥ Use a small amount. A little bit goes a long way! 

      ♥ In a circular motion, clean skin and massage into affected area slowly and gently.

      ♥ Let it absorb prior to dressing/drying! 

      ♥ Best if used after a warm shower & before bed with a warm compress.

      ♥ Safe to use as many times as needed, but twice a day is fair.

      ♥ Wash your hands! This oil blend will irritate your eyes.

    • Made Fresh

      Our butters are designed to melt at body temperature and are sensitive to temperature changes. The average consistency of this handmade product is comparable to regular soft butter or ice cream.

      Due to the organic state of our butters, note the consistency may change when product is placed in extreme heat or cool temperatures. It may become semi-liquid when warm or harden up when cool. Melting is expected to occur during shipment in peak summer season. 

      To resolve, place product in a cool, dark area upon receving your order and give it a little bit of time to return to a semi-soft, semi-solid buttery consistency. Do not place in the fridge to harden nor place in the microwave to melt.

      Shipping consistency changes will NOT disrupt the chemistry of the ingredients and the way they work together on your skin! Some batches may have microspheres or beads of butter and aloe, these melt once in contact with your skin.

      Do not get water in the jar or place in moist areas.

      Shelf life on this product is up to 18 months when stored properly.

    • The Details

      ♥ This product is natural, vegan and cruelty free.

      ♥ Comes in a reusable glass jar.

      ♥ All shipping material is recycled material.

      ♥ Paraben, alcohol, gluten free. 

      ♥ Sample size is comes in a BPA Free 3Gram plastic jar.