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  • Magnesium Boost

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    Did you know quite a bit of of our daily struggles are because we are lacking the necessary amount of magnesium in our bodies? In fact, over 65% of the population suffers from lack of magnesium! Ever wonder if you are?


    Some signs:

    - Daily annoying headaches

    - Kidney stones

    - Insomnia, and waking up multiple times a night

    - Muscle spasms and soreness

    - Fatigue, no matter how much sleep you get

    - Back pain, neck aches

    - Joint pain and knee cramps 

    - Anxiety, heart racing and sweating 

    - Irritability

    - Cramps and restlessness


    Magnesium is essential to almost all of our body functions as it interacts within our cells to keep them reproducing actively in a healthy state. Our Magneisum Boost body butter is created with raw shea and cocoa butters to yield in for a soft, skin-moisturizing experience. It is thick, a little bit will go a long way. 


    Combined in our recipe is an essential oil blend made to help with increasing the circulation of blood flow and reducing the inflammation at the same time. This blend includes cinnabinoids, marjoram, rosemary and peppermint that work together to create a relaxing, cooling experience, specifically to areas of inflammation and pain. 


    Infused slowly with organic plant buds and stems to help create natural calming to involuntary spasmic muscle reactions. This handmade butter is made not to cure your ailments overnight, but to slowly help and provide you with an effective, plantbased alternative to provide nourishment to magnesium deficiency on a day-to-day basis. Do not use this butter on your face, peppermint is no fun near the eyes! 


    Our Magnesium Healing Butter is hand-crafted to be an altertnate safe method of magnesium supplement intake through the quick method of absorption through the skin. If you have a deficency in this important mineral, you may feel a slight tingling sensation after the butter is applied. This will subside after time and once your system becomes healthy again. The best way to receive the magnesium nutrients in this healing butter is to apply to the soles of feet, wear light socks and allow the minerals to absorb into your system over night while you sleep. 



    • Healing TidBit

      ♥ Use a warm compress. Place it gently on desired location in order to open up your pores prior to applying body butter to skin.

      ♥ Feels amazing after a body scrub.

      ♥ Before bed, apply to bottoms of feet and wear light-breathing socks.

      ♥ In the morning, apply to the sore spots after taking a warm shower and allow for butter to enter the skin's surface and settle in before putting clothing articles on.


    • Made Fresh

      Our butters are designed to melt at body temperature and are sensitive to temperature changes. The average consistency of this handmade product is comparable to regular soft butter or ice cream.

      Due to the organic state of our butters, note the consistency may change when product is placed in extreme heat or cool temperatures. It may become semi-liquid when warm or harden up when cool. Melting is expected to occur during shipment in peak summer season. 

      To resolve, place product in a cool, dark area upon receving your order and give it a little bit of time to return to a semi-soft, semi-solid buttery consistency. Do not place in the fridge to harden nor place in the microwave to melt.

      Shipping consistency changes will NOT disrupt the chemistry of the ingredients and the way they work together on your skin! Some batches may have microspheres or beads of butter and aloe, these melt once in contact with your skin.

      Do not get water in the jar or place in moist areas.

      Shelf life on this product is up to 18 months when stored properly.