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  • Ečstatic - Matcha & Moringa Sugar Scrub


    For your daily routine, a zesty heart healthy option. 


    Ečstatic is handmade using a combination of matcha green tea and moringa to nourish skin cells with a natural high concentration of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Amino Acids.


    Our recipe is tossed in superfoods including avocado, calendula and arnica; giving it a boost of organically sourced vitamins B1, B2, D & E. This blend is created with real bits of lemon to help naturally cleanse your skin cells and reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Using it in the mornings provides a healthy, natural alternative to promote brain function, hormonal balance, detoxification and vitality. 


    Ečstatic Sugar Scrub is made with an old fashioned skin toning remedy, including rose, ylang ylang and cannabinoids to help the skin prevent radical damage, sun damage, age spots and saggy skin. 


    Moringa is a plant rich in antioxidants. We have picked it because not only does it strengthen cells and reduces inflammation, but it helps aid in decreasing hormonal imbalances such as mood swings, hot flashes, irritability and it helps regulate better sleep patterns. 



    • Healing Steps

      ♥ Use a small amount. A little bit goes a long way! 

      ♥ Scoop a small amount of sugar into the palm on your hand. 

      ♥ Using lukewarm water, gently caress the desired area in a circular motion.

      ♥ You may leave it on for a few min as a mask.

      ♥ Rinse off and pat dry skin. No moisturizer needed. 

      ♥ Best if used in the mornings. A couple times a week is recommended for continued exfoliation & tightening of the skin.


    • Made Fresh

      Our sugar scrubs are made with fresh and raw sugars. The sugars are blended to help naturally exfoliate, clean and moisturize skin tone.

      Due to the organic state of our sugar scrubs, it is necessary to keep the sugar scrub jar closed and free of moisture. Store in a cool dark space.

      Use the scoop provided, a spoon or even your fingers to scoop out sugar. DO NOT GET WATER in the jar as it will create bacteria to grow. This product is a 100% organic and without preservatives.

      Shelf life on this product is up to 18 months when stored properly.