Old Fashioned Bütter
  • Old Fashioned Bütter


    About one in three children today carry the genes for Eczema-like skin irritations. Internally, the symptoms for Eczema can be kept at bay with proper diet and minimizing stress. Topically, Soláce is made with handpicked ingredients to provide you with a plant-based solution in nourishing the skins' barrier with proper protection against suffering from the itching, bleeding, flaky, dry and burning, aching flare ups. 


    This blend has been carefully crafted over the course of 7 years using a very specific list of oils and butters. Our homemade blend includes virgin olive oil infused in comforting plants including comfrey and calendula. Strong antioxidants from chamomile, frankincense & melaleuca protect against red cell damage. This blend is made of powerful superfoods to help the core essential oil blend by promoting new skin cell growth and grasping the skin cell receptors. This process aids in reducing inflammation and promoting healthy new skin cell growth. Not only does this blend contain regenerative properties, but it has been known to to help the skin tissue repair itself when it comes to burns, scrapes and boo boos.


    Our plant selection in Soláce is hand-crafted to offer a natural solution to over the counter chemicals and steroids. Soláce Skin Cell Remedy Butter is handmade to provide the skin with a combination of plant-based antibacterial and powerful anti-inflammatory properties from fresh aloe, basil, lavender and rosemary. A gentle, yet potent blend for all. 


    Soláce Skin Cell Remedy has been known to help with:

    * Poison ivy & oak

    * Psoriasis

    * Sunburns

    * Rash

    * Dry, flaky skin

    * Eczema

    * Burns & scrapes

    * Bug Bite itch relief

    * Scars

    * General moisturizer







    • Healing Steps

      ♥ Use a small amount. A little bit goes a long way! 

      ♥ In a circular motion, clean skin and massage into affected area slowly and gently.

      ♥ Let it absorb prior to dressing/drying! 

      ♥ Best if used after a warm shower & before bed.

      ♥ Safe to use as many times as needed, but twice a day is fair.


    • Made Fresh

      Our butters are designed to melt at body temperature and are sensitive to temperature changes. The average consistency of this handmade product is comparable to regular soft butter or ice cream.

      Due to the organic state of our butters, note the consistency may change when product is placed in extreme heat or cool temperatures. It may become semi-liquid when warm or harden up when cool. Melting is expected to occur during shipment in peak summer season. 

      To resolve, place product in a cool, dark area upon receving your order and give it a little bit of time to return to a semi-soft, semi-solid buttery consistency. Do not place in the fridge to harden nor place in the microwave to melt.

      Shipping consistency changes will NOT disrupt the chemistry of the ingredients and the way they work together on your skin! Some batches may have microspheres or beads of butter and aloe, these melt once in contact with your skin.

      Do not get water in the jar or place in moist areas.

      Shelf life on this product is up to 18 months when stored properly.

    • The Details

      ♥ This product is natural, vegan and cruelty free.

      ♥ Comes in a reusable glass jar.

      ♥ All shipping material is recycled material.

      ♥ Paraben, alcohol, gluten free. 

      ♥ Sample size is comes in a BPA Free 3Gram plastic jar.